RAMP Planning Workshop Information

What To Expect

The workshop will cover background information, water sampling procedures, selecting your site, and interpreting the data we get from the study. You will receive your sampling materials, a classroom set of the RAMP manual and other publications.

We would like you to bring any water testing equipment you may have. (Including pH paper and old test kits) If your school has a waste water treatment plant, your maintenance department may have such equipment. We will calibrate your equipment for the October 22 field test.


Urban River Assessment Monitoring Project
Training Workshop Agenda

3:30-5:00 (We have about 90 minutes of activity)

	1. Collect handouts and materials.
	2. Introductions and Goals Discussion.
	3. Watershed Overview.
	4. Study Design and timetable
	5. Sample Collection and Preservation Technique
	6. Schedule for Sampling Day (Tuesday, October 22nd)
	7. In Field Analysis Lab, Calibrating Dissolved
                Oxygen tests, pH tests and other field tests.
	8. Individual School Sampling Site Selection. 
	9. Final logistics.

Contact Telephone Numbers:
	Ken Cooke, KY Water Watch, Field Coordinator, 1-800-928-0045 Ext 473
	Sally Willey, Sampling Day Message Hub,       1-800-928-0045 

What you should leave the workshop with:
1. RAMP Manuals
2. Sample Bottles
	3 Cubitainers
	1 Bac-T sample Bottle

3. Field Data Sheet/Custody Record.
4. Map of you sampling area.
5. Sample Site Codes and Location.
6. Our telephone numbers.

Natural Resources and
Environmental Protection Cabinet