RAMP 1996 Test Results

Sampling LocationTemperaturepHConductivityDissolved OxygenBuffering Capacity/ AlkalinityHardnessTotal Organic CarbonTotal Suspended SolidsAmmonia NitrogenNitrate/Nitrite NitrogenNitrite NitrogenTotal PhosphorusSulfateChlorideFluorideCalciumMagnesiumIronAluminumBariumCadmiumChromiumLeadManganeseSodiumZincFecal Coliform
A - Lake Barkley at US 68 bridge, right side-------7.75 S.U.253 µmho-----------87.9 mg/L106 mg/L2.5 mg/L8 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.397 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.020 mg/L27.0 mg/L6.21 mg/L0.114 mg/L33.0 mg/L5.72 mg/L0.201 mg/L0.126 mg/L0.026 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.002 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.046 mg/L4.57 mg/L0.004 mg/L<10
B - Little River at the Hwy 274 J. Woodruff Bridge-------8.01 S.U.430 µmho-----------192 mg/L228 mg/L2.1 mg/L18 mg/L<0.05 mg/L3.40 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.032 mg/L10.4 mg/L8.68 mg/L0.150 mg/L80.9 mg/L6.36 mg/L0.801 mg/L0.631 mg/L0.007 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.105 mg/L5.72 mg/L0.006 mg/L60
C - Muddy Fork of the Little River at KY 139 N bridge-------7.75 S.U.451 µmho-----------206 mg/L219 mg/L2.4 mg/L15 mg/L<0.05 mg/L3.14 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.035 mg/L12.1 mg/L8.04 mg/L0.129 mg/L77.4 mg/L6.13 mg/L0.720 mg/L0.477 mg/L0.067 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.002 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.104 mg/L4.05 mg/L0.006 mg/L145
D - Cadiz Spring on the west bank-------6.90 S.U.531 µmho-----------252 mg/L281 mg/L0.7 mg/L3 mg/L<0.05 mg/L2.82 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.014 mg/L11.9 mg/L8.04 mg/L0.170 mg/L96.8 mg/L9.58 mg/L0.143 mg/L0.139 mg/L0.060 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.014 mg/L5.42 mg/L0.005 mg/L125
E - Little River at Glenwood Mill Bridge, downstream-------7.77 S.U.391 µmho-----------167 mg/L175 mg/L2.4 mg/L8 mg/L<0.05 mg/L3.35 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.057 mg/L10.2 mg/L9.25 mg/L0.139 mg/L62.2 mg/L4.77 mg/L0.419 mg/L0.333 mg/L0.049 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.034 mg/L4.71 mg/L0.006 mg/L60
F - North Fork of the Little River at Hopkinsville Library15.0 C7.40 S.U.348 µmho5.8 mg/L131 mg/L157 mg/L4.6 mg/L12 mg/L0.400 mg/L1.38 mg/L0.070 mg/L0.024 mg/L23.0 mg/L11.7 mg/L0.233 mg/L54.5 mg/L5.05 mg/L0.533 mg/L0.343 mg/L0.041 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.002 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.185 mg/L6.39 mg/L0.007 mg/L165
G - North Fork of the Little River below the water plant14.5 C7.68 S.U.242 µmho8.8 mg/L96.7 mg/L108 mg/L5.6 mg/L9 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.553 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.019 mg/L14.4 mg/L6.21 mg/L0.105 mg/L36.6 mg/L4.08 mg/L0.597 mg/L0.333 mg/L0.036 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.228 mg/L3.78 mg/L0.005 mg/L160
H - Headwaters of Tradewater River at Sparkman Lane14.5 C7.50 S.U.322 µmho6.8 mg/L98.2 mg/L143 mg/L2.9 mg/L<1 mg/L<0.05 mg/L<0.008 mg/L<0.005 mg/L<0.005 mg/L49.9 mg/L8.50 mg/L0.058 mg/L46.5 mg/L6.57 mg/L0.079 mg/L0.102 mg/L0.052 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.029 mg/L6.38 mg/L0.003 mg/L15
I - Sandlick Creek at bridge on Mt. Carmel-Camp Creek Rd13.5 C7.28 S.U.249 µmho4.6 mg/L92.7 mg/L110 mg/L1.1 mg/L<1 mg/L0.266 mg/L0.070 mg/L<0.005 mg/L<0.005 mg/L22.5 mg/L6.83 mg/L0.054 mg/L34.7 mg/L5.77 mg/L0.098 mg/L0.078 mg/L0.046 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.006 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.009 mg/L4.02 mg/L0.003 mg/L505
J - Cumberland River below Barkley Dam17.5 C7.99 S.U.214 µmho-----------73.8 mg/L83.7 mg/L2.2 mg/L8 mg/L0.086 mg/L0.628 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.039 mg/L40.1 mg/L14.9 mg/L0.207 mg/L25.9 mg/L4.61 mg/L0.263 mg/L0.199 mg/L0.026 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.048 mg/L5.39 mg/L0.005 mg/L<10
K - Cumberland River above Barkley Dam18.0 C8.19 S.U.200 µmho8.7 mg/L69.8 mg/L83.4 mg/L3.4 mg/L6 mg/L0.050 mg/L0.139 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.032 mg/L17.4 mg/L7.74 mg/L0.113 mg/L25.6 mg/L4.72 mg/L0.236 mg/L0.175 mg/L0.024 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.037 mg/L5.92 mg/L0.005 mg/L<10
L - Lower Cumberland River at Eddy Bay tributary17.0 C8.23 S.U.236 µmho17.0 mg/L85.7 mg/L102 mg/L3.0 mg/L10 mg/L0.061 mg/L0.107 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.042 mg/L22.8 mg/L6.25 mg/L0.110 mg/L32.1 mg/L5.28 mg/L0.265 mg/L0.165 mg/L0.038 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.067 mg/L4.39 mg/L0.003 mg/L10
M - Lower Cumberland River, Glass Creek tributary14.0 C7.45 S.U.295 µmho16.2 mg/L126 mg/L139 mg/L2.4 mg/L1 mg/L0.245 mg/L0.075 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.005 mg/L11.6 mg/L11.0 mg/L0.106 mg/L46.8 mg/L5.47 mg/L0.137 mg/L0.090 mg/L0.051 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.052 mg/L5.53 mg/L0.004 mg/L175
N - Tradewater River at C. B. Clark Bridge on HWY 13214.8 C7.47 S.U.801 µmho7.0 mg/L84.1 mg/L269 mg/L5.2 mg/L50 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.034 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.021 mg/L322 mg/L9.51 mg/L0.261 mg/L57.8 mg/L30.3 mg/L1.47 mg/L1.01 mg/L0.040 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.003 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.798 mg/L33.3 mg/L0.009 mg/L120
O - Tradewater River at Bellville Bridge, 50 feet below dam15.0 C7.52 S.U.1020 µmho7.0 mg/L106 mg/L355 mg/L6.2 mg/L14 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.113 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.007 mg/L425 mg/L11.5 mg/L0.304 mg/L74.0 mg/L41.3 mg/L0.530 mg/L0.285 mg/L0.038 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.751 mg/L53.3 mg/L0.004 mg/L20
P - Tradewater River at Grangertown - near Caseyville15.0 C7.56 S.U.1130 µmho8.0 mg/L127 mg/L362 mg/L6.4 mg/L11 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.209 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.036 mg/L453 mg/L14.4 mg/L0.308 mg/L75.7 mg/L42.0 mg/L0.525 mg/L0.269 mg/L0.056 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.750 mg/L77.7 mg/L0.003 mg/L25
Q - Tradewater at Sullivan14.0 C7.84 S.U.522 µmho6.8 mg/L192 mg/L192 mg/L4.2 mg/L2 mg/L0.065 mg/L4.01 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.294 mg/L29.2 mg/L21.5 mg/L0.254 mg/L66.0 mg/L6.58 mg/L0.182 mg/L0.081 mg/L0.056 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.002 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.054 mg/L14.1 mg/L0.008 mg/L20
R - Eddy Creek at Jones Road16.0 C7.70 S.U.838 µmho7.3 mg/L101 mg/L257 mg/L5.8 mg/L46 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.021 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.035 mg/L318 mg/L12.0 mg/L0.239 mg/L56.9 mg/L27.8 mg/L1.35 mg/L0.664 mg/L0.043 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.002 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.400 mg/L41.8 mg/L0.006 mg/L260
S - Eddy Creek at Washington Street17.0 C7.63 S.U.555 µmho8.0 mg/L224 mg/L200 mg/L1.9 mg/L4 mg/L<0.05 mg/L1.93 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.021 mg/L26.5 mg/L27.1 mg/L0.172 mg/L70.8 mg/L5.52 mg/L0.171 mg/L0.073 mg/L0.054 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.015 mg/L11.8 mg/L0.003 mg/L550
U - Tradewater River at HWY 293 Bridge13.0 C7.17 S.U.305 µmho6.5 mg/L61.0 mg/L109 mg/L5.0 mg/L26 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.046 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.008 mg/L76.6 mg/L5.15 mg/L0.125 mg/L27.4 mg/L9.88 mg/L0.775 mg/L0.480 mg/L0.033 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.337 mg/L4.92 mg/L0.008 mg/L95
V - Tradewater River at Mill Dam in Dawson Springs14.0 C6.83 S.U.504 µmho7.5 mg/L32.8 mg/L185 mg/L4.1 mg/L3 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.088 mg/L<0.005 mg/L<0.005 mg/L208 mg/L4.77 mg/L0.135 mg/L40.2 mg/L20.6 mg/L0.288 mg/L0.179 mg/L0.030 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L1.16 mg/L6.88 mg/L0.021 mg/L15
W - Ohio River at boat ramp below Smithland Dam17.5 C7.83 S.U.365 µmho8.5 mg/L82.9 mg/L116 mg/L2.9 mg/L15 mg/L0.085 mg/L0.840 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.032 mg/L62.4 mg/L20.3 mg/L0.165 mg/L31.4 mg/L9.17 mg/L0.653 mg/L0.339 mg/L0.035 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.054 mg/L14.3 mg/L0.005 mg/L10
X - Cumberland River, 600 feet upstream of HWY 6018.0 C8.02 S.U.212 µmho6.3 mg/L73.5 mg/L70.1 mg/L2.2 mg/L18 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.263 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.040 mg/L19.5 mg/L7.24 mg/L0.103 mg/L21.5 mg/L3.98 mg/L0.351 mg/L0.205 mg/L0.020 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.051 mg/L4.79 mg/L0.003 mg/L<10
Z - Dry Fork via Livingston Creek, Lower Cumberland14.0 C7.56 S.U.320 µmho9.2 mg/L113 mg/L127 mg/L2.9 mg/L<1 mg/L<0.05 mg/L<0.008 mg/L<0.005 mg/L<0.005 mg/L42.6 mg/L5.65 mg/L0.519 mg/L40.0 mg/L6.68 mg/L0.141 mg/L0.028 mg/L0.078 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.131 mg/L4.82 mg/L0.013 mg/L55
AA - Lake Beshear at dam surface17.9 C6.99 S.U.119 µmho-----------39.6 mg/L42.3 mg/L3.8 mg/L3 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.009 mg/L<0.005 mg/L<0.005 mg/L12.7 mg/L2.16 mg/L0.068 mg/L12.9 mg/L2.46 mg/L0.115 mg/L0.036 mg/L0.041 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.001 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.253 mg/L1.62 mg/L<0.002 mg/L-----------
BB - Lake Beshear at dam bottom17.8 C6.94 S.U.118 µmho-----------39.9 mg/L39.0 mg/L3.7 mg/L9 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.022 mg/L<0.005 mg/L<0.005 mg/L12.3 mg/L2.11 mg/L0.067 mg/L11.9 mg/L2.26 mg/L0.126 mg/L0.039 mg/L0.038 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.002 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.259 mg/L1.48 mg/L0.004 mg/L-----------
KK - Lake Barkley at dam bottom18.5 C7.86 S.U.195 µmho-----------66.2 mg/L61.7 mg/L2.2 mg/L8 mg/L<0.05 mg/L0.256 mg/L<0.005 mg/L0.024 mg/L16.6 mg/L7.80 mg/L0.098 mg/L18.5 mg/L3.77 mg/L0.242 mg/L0.129 mg/L0.019 mg/L<0.001 mg/L0.004 mg/L<0.002 mg/L0.046 mg/L5.48 mg/L0.002 mg/L-----------

Minimum Value13.06.831184.632.839.
Maximium Value18.58.23113017.0252.0362.06.450.00.4004.010
Average 15.87.594148.3111.9160.03.411.40.0640.885

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