Volunteer Monitoring Groups On-Line

Are volunteer monitoring groups on line? Do they need to be? The answer is yes to both questions. Electronic mail and the World Wide Web are proving to be popular tools for a number of groups. If an organization has a question about water quality, a recent query of the term "Water Quality" on an on-line search service yielded more than 30,000 web pages that dealt with the topic. For Volunteer Monitoring in particular there were more than 2000 pages listed. A search of EPA's site alone yielded 340 documents that referenced "Volunteer Monitoring".

So you don't have the time to sort through all those pages for something useful? We have done that for you. The list below is an incomplete summary of high-quality web sites that deal directly with the field of volunteer monitoring. If your site isn't on here, let us know, we will add it!

Updated January 1, 1998
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