List of Water Watch Groups

Partial List of KY Water Watch Groups

This list shows groups that participated in our water quality monitoring project. There are a number of other groups working with the Kentucky Water Watch Program that may not appear on this list.

If you would like to be included on this list, please drop us a line at KY Water Watch.

Allen		Scottsville	Bays Fork Creek	Allen Co. High School		Mr.	Roberts
Ballard				Axe lake	Ballard Co. Elementery		Judy	Poole
Barren		Glasgow		S.F. Beaver Cr.	Glasgow High School Science	Amanda	Nelson
Barren		Glasgow		Skaggs Creek	Barren County High School	Frank	Rowland
Barren		Glasgow		Beaver Cr	Southern KY Paddlers Society	Jim	Ream
Bath		Owingsville	Slate Creek	Bath County High School		Nelson	Garner
Bath		Owingsville	Slate Creek 	Slate Creek Admirals		Clyde	Alexander
Bath		Owingsville	Slate Creek	GRE-EN	Barry	Tonning
Bell		Pineville	Clear Creek	Bell County High School		Gerri	Anderson
Bell		Pineville	Clear Cr.	Bell County Middle School	Chuck	Blank
Bell		Middlesboro	Yellow Creek	Ward's Chappel Elem. School	Linda	Lawson
Boone		Covington	Gunpowder Cr.	Focus Group			Kathy	Dugan
Boone		Union		Gunpowder Cr.	Gunpowder Creek W.W.		Bob	McMullen
Boone		Burlington	Gunpowder Cr.	Soil Conservation Service	Mary	Schwanholt
Greenup		Russell		Tygarts Creek	Russell High School		Sharon	Valentine
Bourbon		Cynthiana	Stoner Cr.	Bourbon Co. W.W.		Lynne	Wornall
Boyd		Ashland		Hoods Cr.	P. Blazer High School		Sara	Dassance
Boyle		Danville	Chaplin River	Boyle County Middle School	Jim	Rossler
Boyle		Danville	Clarks  Run	Boyle Middle School		Ralph	McKee
Bracken		Agusta		Cabin Cr.Agusta Ind. High School		Paula	King
Breathitt	Jackson		N. Fk. KY River	Breathitt Co. High School	Hubert	Herold
Breathitt	Jackson		N. Fk. KY River	Breathitt County High School	Margaret Gross
Breckenridge	Harned		Sinking Cr.	Breckenridge County High School	Jo Ellen McGary
Breckinridge	Louisville	Sinking Creek	KY Cave Studies Group		Chris	Anderson
Bullitt		Louisville	Salt RIver	Telephone Pioneers AT&T		Charlie	Mitchell
Calloway	Murray		E. Fork Clarks 	Calloway County High School	Stephinie Wyatt
Calloway	Murray		E. Fk. Clarks	Murray High School		Mary	Maddox
Calloway	Murray		Bee Creek	Murray Middle School		Donna	Keller
Calloway	Murray		W. Fork Clarks Calloway Co. Middle School	Connie	Ham
Calloway	Murray		Bee Creek	Calloway Co. Middle School	Susan	Darnell
Carroll		Carrollton	Little Ky RIver	Carroll County Middle School	Laura	Beech
Carroll		Carrollton	Little KY RIver	Carroll County High School	Jill	Crowe
Carter		Olive Hill	Tygarts Creek	West Carter High School		Patty	Bond
Carter		Olive Hill	Tygarts Cr.	Tygarts Creek Group		Karen	Waugh
Casey		Liberty		Green River	Casey County High School	Barb	Jefferies
Casey		Liberty		Green River	Casey County High School	Kathy	Ponder
Christian	Hopkinsville	Little RIver	Christian County High School	Marty	Dawson
Christian	Hopkinsville	Little RIver	Hopkinsville Middle School	Patricia Bowden
Christian	Hopkinsville	Little RIver	Little River Audubon Society	Kathy	Higgins
Christian	Dawson Springs	Park Lake	Pennyrile State Resort Park	Dean	Henson
Christian	Ft. Campbell	Red River	MaHaffey Middle School	Marcia	Johnson
Clark		Winchester	Hoods Cr	Clark Co. Conservation Dist.	Don	Henry
Clay		Beverly		Red Bird River	Red Bird School			Daugh	Sizemore
Clay		Manchester	Goose Cr	Clay County High School	Mrs	Wolfe
Clinton		Albany		Indian Cr.	Clinton County High School	Tim	Armstrong
Clinton		Albany		Clinton Co. 	Conservation Dist.		Alice	Gibson
Daviess		Owensboro	Panther Cr.	Brescia College			Michele	Morek, Ph.D
Daviess		Owensboro	Panther Cr.	Daviess County High School	Amy	Lee
Daviess		Owensboro	Yellow Creek		Owensboro 5-6 Center		Bill	Sturgis
Daviess		Owensboro	Ohio River		Daviess Co. High School		Barbera	St. John
Estill		Irvine		UT behind school	Estill County High School	Nancy	Farmer
Fayette		Lexington	Hickman Cr.		Henry Clay High School		C. Stephen Wollums
Fayette		Lexington	N. Fk Elkhorn Cr,	Brian Station High School	Carol	Handley
Fayette		Lexington	W. Fk Hickman Cr.	Tates Creek Middle School	Claudia	Lewis
Fayette		Lexington	Wolfe Run		Lafeyette High School		Nora	Gatewood
Fayette		Lexington	South Elkhorn Cr.	Dunbar High School		Roger	Postley
Fayette		Lexington	Cane Run Cr.		Winburne Middle School	 	Lavece	Hughs
Fayette		Lexington	S.Fk. Elkhorn Cr.	Stonewall Elementary School	Doug	Germin
Fayette		Lexington	Wolfe Run		Lafayette High School		Karen	Hughes
Fayette		Lexington	Drakes Creek		Bluegrass Trout Unlimited	Dan LacClair
Fayette		Lexington	Lake			L.E.L.A.			Dr. Alfred Winer
Fayette		Lexington	Hickman Cr.		GS Troop 21			Gaye	Morelan
Fayette		Lexginton	Town Branch		Blue Grass Water Watch		Robert	Boak
Fayette		Lexington	Boone Cr.		Buckley Hills Audubon Society	Fred	Rivers
Fayette		Lexington	N. Fk. Elkhorn Cr.	S.A.V.E.			Julie	Blackburn
Fayette		Lexington	Zandale Creek		Glendover Elementery		Mrs.	Collier
Fleming		Wallingford	Fleming Cr.		Ward Elementary School		Eula	Hilterbrand
Floyd		Prestonsburg	Levisa Fk.		Prestonsburg High School	David	Leslie
Floyd		Prestonsburg	Levisa Fk.		Prestonsburg High School	Ron	Hampton
Franklin	Frankfort	Benson Cr.		Western Hills High School		Venita	Bright
Franklin	Frankfort	Benson Cr.		Wilkinson St. School		Debbie	Naylor
Franklin	Frankfort	KY River		Second Street School		Joretta	Carney
Franklin	Frankfort	Benson Cr.		Bondurant Middle School		Mike	Hogg
Franklin	Frankfort	N. Fk. Elkhorn Cr.	Switzer Ruritan Club		Danny	Wiley
Fulton		Fulton		Biou De Chein		Fulton City High School		Becky	Fairbanks
Gallatin	Warsaw		Big Bone Lick		Gallatin County High School	Sharon	Parker
Gallatin	Warsaw		Dry Creek		Gallatin County High School	Virgil	Wheatley
Gallatin	Verona		Beaver Cr.		Gallitan Co. Conservation Dist.	Sandra	Mullins
Gallitan	Verona		Dry Creek		Gallitan Co. Conservation Dist.	Peggy	Tinch
Garrard		Paint Lick	Paint Lick Cr.		Paint Lick Community		Kevin	Brown
Grant		Williamsburg	Cumberland Rv		Williamsburg Ind. Schools	David	Farrar
Grant		Williamstown	Steammill Cr		Soil Conservation Jr. Board	John	Rankin
Graves		Mayfield	Red Duck Creek		Mayfield High School		Mary	Seay
Graves		Mayfield	Mayfield Creek		Graves County High School	Tonya	Hunter
Green		Greensburg	Green River		Green County High School	Bobby	Simmons
Green		Greensburg	Green River		Green County High School	Miss	Fudge
Green		Greensburg 	Green River		Green County High School	Lynne	Givens
Greenup		Ashland		Greenbow Lake		Highland Sierra Club		Mark	Hamilton
Greenup		Flatwoods	Cole Branch Cr.		G.R.O.W.L.			Janet	Brown
Greenup		Greenup		Cole Branch		G.R.O.W.L.			Charles	Hannah
Greenup		Russell		Tygarts Creek		Russell High School		Sharon	Valentine
Hardin		Cecelia		Vally Creek		Central Hardin High School	Kathleen	Judd
Hardin		Elizabethtown	Valley Creek		Elizabethtown Community College	Martha	Wolfe
Harlan		Harlan		Martin's Fork		Caywood High School		John	Lloyd
Harlan		Evarts		Clover Fork		Evarts Jr High School		Donna	Hurst
Harlan		Harlan		Martins Fork		Cawood High School		John	Loy
Harlan		Harlan		Martins Fork		Holy Trinity School		
Harlan		Harlan		Martins Fork		Caywood High School		Mike	Jones
Harlan		Smith		Martins Fork Cr.	U.S. Army Corps of Engineers	Tom	Hale
Harlan		Le Junior	Poor Fork		Harlan K.F.T.C.			Robert	King
Harlan		Evarts		Poor Fork		Harlan K.F.T.C.			Hazel	King
Harlan		Harlan		Looney Cr.		Harlan SCD-K.F.T.C.		Todd	Garland
Harlan		Loyall		Cumberland RIver	Dayhoit Concerned Citizens	Joan	Robinet
Harrison	Cynthiana	Indian Cr		Harrison County High School	Julie	Ritchie
Hart		Munfordville	Bacon Creek		Hart County High School		Steve	Kistler
Henderson	Henderson	Canoe Cr.		South Henderson Junior High	Lewis	Smith
Hickman		Fulton		Area Wetlands		Hickman Elementary		Denise	Terry
Jefferson	Louisville	Goose Cr.		KY Country Day School		Keith	Wilhelmi
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Highland Middle School		Diane	Clare
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Pleasure Ridge Park High School	Lois	Allen
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Kammer Middle School		Susan	Stinebruner
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Trinity High School		Joseph	Bobrowski
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Eastern High School		Cecelia	Ridge
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Seneca High School		Alice	Brandon
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		St. Barnabus School		Ann	Duffy
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		St. Francis Jr. High School	Sheila	Yule
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Sacred Heart High School	Sharon	McAuliffe
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Presentation Academy School	David	Neff
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Assumption High School		Kathy	Fries
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		St. Xavier High School		Martin	O'Toole
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Fern Creek High School		Martha	Emmott
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Fairdale High School		Lucian	Doyle
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Atherton High School		Richard	Guetig
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Moore High School		Amy	Harlow
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Iroquois High School		Mary Lou Hern
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Ballard High School		Sandra	Klinglesmith
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Male High School		Vicki	Lete
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Waggener High School		Linda	Durand
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Seneca High School		Shannon	Conlon
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Brown High School		Ann	Brown
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Shawnee High School		Denise	Ranson
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Brown High School		Peg	Riley
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Fern Creek High School		Kristin	Troutman
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Butler High School		Nancy	Wise
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Cr.		Trinity High School		Doug	Garber
Jefferson	Middleton	Floyds Fork Cr.		Eastern High School		Lynn	McPhearson
Jefferson	Louisville	Floyds Fork Cr.		Kentucky Country Day		Justin	Tamplin
Jefferson	Louisville	Harrods Cr.		Dan	Reed
Jefferson	La Grange	Beargrass Cr.		Nature and Conservation Ctr.	Ted	Helm
Jefferson	Louisville	Goose Cr.		Johnson Breckinridge Ctr.	Jack	Still
Jefferson	Louisville	Floyds Fork Creek	Louisville Telephone Pioneers	Dennis	Wilkes
Jefferson	Louisville	Pond Creek		Gen. Electric Park Rangers	Pam	Borah
Jefferson	Louisville	Pond Creek		US Army Reserve			Mark	Ehinger
Jefferson	Fisherville	Cane Run 		Floyd's Fork Monitors		Jeff	Frank
Jefferson	Louisville	Ohio River		Southern Middle School SWAT	Cynthia  Moxley
Jefferson	Louisville	Beargrass Creek		Western Middle School		Sandy	Mayer
Oldham		La Grange	Beargrass Cr.		Nature and Conservation Ctr.	Nancy	Theiss
Jessamine	Nicholasville	East Hickman Cr.	Jessamine County High School	Peggy	Welch
Johnson		Paintsville	Paint Lick		Johnson Central High School	Mary	Crace
Johnson		Paintsville	Paint Creek		Johnson Co. Middle School	Doris	Robinson
Kenton		Covington	Licking River		Holms Jr. High School		Marian	Sumner
Kenton		Ludlow		Ohio River		Ludlow School			Diane	Becker
Kenton		Ft. Mitchell	Bank Lick Creek		Beechwood School		Suzy	Wera
Kenton		Independence	Licking River		Simon Kenton High School	Gary	Turner
Knott		Hindman		Troublesom Cr.		Knott County Central		John	Handshoe
Knott		Pippa Passes	Beaver Cr.		June Buchanan School		David	Huff
Knox		Barbourville	Cumberland River	Barbourville City School	Malena	Bingham
Knox		Barbourville	Cumberland River	Barbourville City School	Karen	Hammonds
Knox		Corbin		Dogslaughter Cr.	EKU				Doug	Caulder
Larue		Hodgenville				Larue County Middle School	Judy	McKamey
Laural		London		Laural River		North Laural Jr. High School	Judy	Brown
Laural		London									Al	Creech
Laural		London		laural River		South Laural Middle School	Shawn	Sizemore
Lawrence	Louisa		Big Sandy River		Lawrence County High School	Veronica Wheeler
Lee		Beattyville	Crystal Cr.		Lee Co. Vocational Ed. Ctr.	Phyllis	Hoskins
Leslie		Hyden		Middle Fk. KY RIver	Leslie County High School	George	Slusher
Letcher		Jenkins		N. Fk. KY RIver		Jenkins High School		Elizebeth Maynard
Letcher		Eolia		N. Fk. KY RIver		Arlie Boggs High School		Gary	Fox
Letcher		Letcher		Rockhouse Cr		Letcher High School		Frank	Campbell
Lewis		Vanceburg	Kinnikonick Cr.		Lewis County Jr. High		Joe	Gilbert
Lewis		Vanceburg	Ceader Cr,		Lewis County High School	Dianne	Johnson
Lincoln		Standford	Hanging Fork Cr.	Lincoln County High School	Shaw	Blankenship
Lincoln		Hustonville	Hanging Fork Creek	Hustonville Elementary		Gwenn	Lawson
Logan		Adairville	Red River		Adairville Elementary School	Jan	Fowler
Madison		Richmond	Tates  Cr		Clark Moore School		Virginia Moretz
Madison		Berea		Slate LickRed 		Foley Middle School		Greg	Wiseman
Madison		Berea		Brushy Fk.		Brushy Fork W.W.		Joyce	Hannon
Madison		Berea		Red Fox Cr.						Kara	Grubbs
Madison		Richmond	Muddy Cr.		Bluegrass Wildwater		Becky	Newsom
Madison		Richmond	Silver Creek		Eastern KY Sierra Club		
Madison		Richmond	Madison Co Water	Madison Environment		Marshall Sofley
Magoffin	Salyersville	Licking RIver		Magoffin County High School	Tonya	Ward
Marshall	Benton		Clarks RIver		Marshall County High School	Margaret Dunn
Mason		Maysville	Washington Cr.		Maysville Community College	Pat	Arndt 
Mason		Maysville	Fleming Cr.		Maysville Community College	Ed	Story
McClean		Calhoun		Green River		McClean Co. High School		Marcia	Carver
McCracken	Reidland	Reidland Cr.		Reidland High School		Shirley	Wrinkle
McCracken	West Paducah				Heath High School		Tommy	Fletcher
McCracken	Reidland	Reidland Cr.		Reidland High School		Christina Thurston
McCrackin	W. Paducah				Heath High School		Terri	Gipsin
McCreary	Whitley City	Big South Fork		McCreary Co. Cons. Dist.	Tim	Anders
Mead		Brandenburg	Morgans Cave Cr		Otter Creek Park		Evan	Ames
Mercer		Harrodsburg	KY RIver		Palisades Adventure		Larry	Bryant
Metcalf		Canmer		Bacon Cr.		Hart Co. Env. Group		The Prices
Montgomery	Mt. Sterling	Slate Cr.		Montgomery County High School	Tommy	Floyd
Muhlenberg	Greenville	Pond River		Muhlenberg Central High School	Carolyn	Mitchell
Nelson		Bardstown	Chaplin Creek		Nelson County High School	Mike	Glass
Nelson		Bardstown	Chaplin River		St. Thomas Acadamy		Joyce	Gellhaus
Oldham		Goshen		Harrods Cr.		St. Francis School		Jan	Wolanin
Oldham		Anchorage	Guist Cr.		Anchorage Public School		David	Merchant
Oldham		Crestwood	Hite Cr.		Hite Cr. Water Watch		Robert	Horner
Oldham		Prospect	Harrods Cr.		Harrods Creek W.W.		Walter	Bennett
Oldham		La Grange	Harrods Cr.		Harrods Creek W.W.		Bob	Reed
Owen		Owenton		Severn Cr.		Owen County Elementary School	John	Harrod
Owsley		Booneville	South Fk. KY 		Owsley County High School	Teresa	Barrett
Owsley		Booneville	Cow Creek		Owsley County High School	Earl Glen Jackson
Pendelton	Falmouth	Kinkade Creek		Pendelton County High School	Gary	Turner
Pendleton	Falmouth	S. Fk. Licking 		Pendelton Co. Env. 		Jo Ellen Bentley
Perry		Hazard		N. F. KY RIver		M.C. Napier High School		Ralph	Combs
Pike		Pikeville	Johns Cr.		Johns Creek High School		Mike	O'Daniel
Pike		Elkhorn City	Elkhorn Cr.		Russell Fork W.W.		James	Stapelton
Pulaski		Somerset	Buck Cr.		S.W. Pulaski High School	Francis	Carter
Pulaski		Somerset	Fishing Cr.		Northern Middle School		Robin	Bourne
Pulaski		Bronston	Lake Cumberland		Lake Cumberland W.W.		Robert L. Richler
Pulaski		Somerset	Lake Cumberland		H & H Aqua Team			Robert	Hudson
Pulaski		Somerset	Lake Cumberland		H & H Aqua Team			BillHeck
Pulaski		Somerset	Lake Cumberland		Aqua Team			Carolyn Gay Hodges
Pulaski		Somerset	Pittman Cr.		Pulaski Vo. Ag. Program		Ken	Edwards
McCreary	London		Laural River		DB Nat. Forest			Steve	Kickert
Pulaski		Somerset	Fishing Cr.		Pulaski Co. Concerned Citizens	Ray	Tucker
Robertson	Mount Olivet	Cabin Cr.		Deming High School		Jim	Brumagen
Rockcastle	Mt. Vernon	Rockcastle River	Rockcastle High School		Ms.	Witt
Rockcastle	Mt. Vernon	Rockcastle River	Rockcastle High School		Ryan	Riddle
Rowan		Morehead	Triplett Cr.		Rowan County High School	Arv	Allen
Russell		Pleasant Hill	Lake Cumberland		Pleasant Hill Land Owners 	Frank	Elsen
Russell		Louisville	Cumberland River	Louisville Trout Unlimited	Phillip	Herren
Scott		Georgetown	N. Fk. Elkhorn Cr.	Scott County High School	Todd	O'Banion
Scott		Georgetown	S. Fk. Elkhorn Cr.	Iron Works Pk. Assoc.		Don	Danpier
Scott		Georgetown	Elkhorn Cr.		Toyota Motor Mfg.		Garth	Mclane
Scott		Georgetown	Dix River		Bluegrass Trout Unlimited	Trip (Ralph)	Bifenfius
Shelby		Shelbyville	Clear Cr.		Shelby County High School	Greg	Smith
Shelby		Shelbyville	Guist Cr.		Shelby Clean Community	Kathy	Ranard
Shelby		Shelbyville	Clear Creek		Shelby Co. Parks and Rec.	Clay	Cotton
Simpson		Franklin	W. Fk. Drakes Cr.	Telephone Pioneers	John	Craddick
Spencer		Taylorsville	Salt River		Spencer County High School	Joyce	Jewell
Taylor		Campbellsville	Pittman Cr.		Campbellsville Middle School	Vonda	Smith
Todd		Elkton		Whipowill Cr.		Todd County Middle School	Gene	Odam
Trigg		Cadiz		Karst of Little Rv.	Trigg Co. Conservation Dist.	Lonnie 	Stewart
Warren		Bowling Green	Barren River		St. Joseph School		Mary Ann Wolfram
Warren		Bowling Green	Trammel Fork Creek	Richpond Elementary School	Mike	Stevenson
Warren		Bowling Green	Gasper River		Southern KY Paddlers Society	Dianne	Meffert
Warren		Smiths Grove	Grahm Springs		Citizen's Accountability Pjct.	Joey 	Roberts
Washington	Springfield	Cartwright Creek	Washington County Jr. High	Richard	Crumb
Washington	Springfield	Cartwright Creek	Washington Co. High School	Pat	Gabbart
Wayne		Monticello	Spring Cr.		Monticello High School		Cecilia	Tate
Wayne		Monticello	Beaver Cr.		Monticello High School		John	Chaplin
Webster		Dixon		Tradewater River	Webster County High School	Don	Carlisle
Whitley		Williamsburg	Cumberland RIver	Whitley County High School FFA	Tony	Rose
Whitley		Williamsburg	Cumberland River	Whitley County School District	Pat	Miller
Wolfe		Campton		Swift  Cr.		Wolfe County High School	Peggy	Huff
Woodford	Versailles	Glens Creek		Woodford County High School	Steve	Bush
Woodford	Midway		Lees Branch		Midway Area Env. Comm.	Gay	Nuckols Barnett
Woodford	Versailles	S. Fk Elkhorn Cr.	Woodford Co. River Assoc.	Bob	Cox
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