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Bullying resources

"Bullying prevention programs are a school-wide effort designed to send a message that bullying will not be accepted in school. Well designed and implemented programs can create an improved climate by educating staff and students to recognize and respond to instances of bullying" (Safe and Responsive Schools)

Stop Bullying Now!

A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. - Washington, D.C. 20201

Bully Police

A Watch-dog Organization - Advocating for Bullied Children & Reporting on State Anti Bullying Laws

PACER: Bullying Prevention Interactive Web Site for KIDS!
PACER Launches Exciting, New, First-of-a Kind Bullying Prevention Web Site!

Children in second through sixth grades now have an entertaining, safe way to learn how to respond to bullying. PACER's new Kids Against Bullying Web site includes a cast of 12 animated characters, celebrity videos, kid videos, Webisodes, games, contests, stories, artwork, poems, information, and much more. The site is for all children. Children with disabilities are integrated throughout the Web site.

PBIS World-Anti-Bullying Materials

PBIS World is a website containing links to hundreds of interventions, supports, resources, and data collection tools, all of which are organized into the tier 1 through 3 framework. It is designed to help guide users through the PBIS implementation process, starting with behavior identification and offering suggestions for interventions and data collection tools.

Steps To Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program

Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program™ is a research-based, schoolwide approach to help foster a safe, caring, and respectful school environment. This self-contained, easy-to-use program is designed for schoolwide implementation, with lessons for the upper-elementary grades (3-5 or 4-6). Language arts and social-emotional learning are combined in the curriculum's literature lessons, which are based on popular children's books. Because educating school staff is critical to addressing the problem of bullying, a fully scripted staff training manual (complete with video) is included.

Rachel's Challenge: Start a Chain Reaction

Rachel's Challenge is a series of student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and allay feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion. The programs are based on the writings and life of 17 year-old Rachel Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school.

Operation MoJo: Anti-Bullying Tour

Travis Brown is recognized as America’s #1 Anti-bullying Coach for his tireless work to fight the social epidemic of bullying and change the lives of today’s youth. The Operation Mojo: No Bullying Tour ( has created a unique way for Travis to connect to students, staff and parents with his life-changing anti-bullying message: Mojo Up — Taking a Stand Against Bullying!

The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Book

The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Book shows teachers and other staff how to prevent and reduce all forms of bullying, from gossiping and exclusion to physical aggression and cyberbullying.

The Bully-Proofing Series

This series is part of the "Safe Schools" section of Sopris West. Bully-Proofing Your Elementary School, Bully-Proofing Your School, and Bully-Proofing Your Child are resources available for school personnel and parents.

The Bully Free Classroom

Our mission is to promote a sense of belonging and acceptance of all individuals and to promote the Golden Rule through quality materials, workshops, presentations, and Web resources.The author, Allan L. Beane, Ph.D., is a former classroom teacher, is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author on bullying. He has over 37 years experience in education that includes teaching special education, teaching regular education, teaching higher education, serving as Director of a School Safety Center, and Vice President of a University. He has also served as an expert and consultant in criminal cases and lawsuits involving bullying and has been an expert guest for Fox News in Chicago and CNN's -- Nancy Grace Show.

Bullying In Schools

This ERIC Digest describes the extent, characteristics, consequences, and perceptions of bullying as well as possible interventions.

Safe and Responsive Schools: Bullying Fact Sheet

In the "Publications" section of the Safe and Responsive Schools Web site, a series of two page fact sheets reviewing the literature on promising interventions for preventing school violence are available. Each fact sheet presents an overview of the program, data on the implementation and effectiveness of the program, and information on components that appear to be critical for its success.

Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do.

By Dan Olweus, this book includes detailed information on bullying, general suggestions for reducing bullying, and a guide to help teachers and parents recognize if a child is being victimized or bullies others.

Voice Center: A Call To Stop Bullying

There are many different forms of bullying and it is important for everyone to know about them so that it can be recognized and dealt with when it comes up. Read this article to learn how to spot the signs of bullying and how to protect yourself or friends from it.