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who display challenging behavior


Restraint/Seclusion/Time Out

"In an effort to provide assistance and address these concerns in a comprehensive manner, the Kentucky Department of Education is sending this information to school superintendents, directors of special education, principals, and parent resource centers to help promote effective policies for implementing appropriate uses of seclusionary time-out for all students. I encourage you to distribute this information to all staff that work with these students and to the parents of these students so that everyone involved can work cooperatively to ensure the student's educational success. "
(Letter from KDE regarding the use of seclusionary time-out)

Entire Time Out Document (Recommended)

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Effective Use of Time Out Document

Seclusion and Restraint in Kentucky

Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD) Position Statement with regard to Restraint and Seclusion

U. S. Department of Education

Key Policy Letters Signed by the Education Secretary or Deputy Secretary (July 31, 2009)

In his letter, Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, referenced the use of the federal grant, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The following are suggestions with regard to the broader term used in federal law, Positive Behavior Support (PBS):
[Please read position statement with regard to PBS).

    a. Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline (KYCID)

    b. Safe and Civil Schools

    c. Kentucky Educational Cooperatives

    d. Academic and Behavioral Response to Intervention (ABRI)