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Functional Behavioral Assessment Resources


Functional Behavioral Assessments: What? Why? How? Who?

Comments by Stephen Starin, Ph.D. on conducting a functional behavioral assessment (FBA). These comments are based upon his formal training as a behavior analyst and over 20 years experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with serious problem behaviors. I've tried to avoid technical jargon for ease of discussion.

Diana Browning Wright: PENT Functional Assessment Resources

The Positive Environments, Network of Trainers is a California Positive Behavior Initiative designed to provide information and resources for educators striving to achieve high educational outcomes through the use of proactive positive strategies. Evidence-based positive practices and helpful information is disseminated statewide through this website.

The Link Between Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavioral Intervention Plans

ERIC Digest #E592. ERIC Identifier: ED438662 Publication Date: 2000-01-00 Author: Jolivette, Kristine - Scott, Terrance M. - Nelson, C. Michael Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education Reston VA.

Function-Based Support at School: Summaries of Research Examples
Tary J. Tobin, Ph.D. University of Oregon

This booklet contains examples of actual situations (the student's names were changed to protect confidentiality), drawn from a literature review (Tobin, 2000) of research reports of effective, function-based support at school for individual students with problem behaviors. Successful, positive interventions were developed as a result of functional behavioral assessment (FBA) that led to ideas for ways the students could have their needs meet and cope with situations that were difficult for them without resorting to inappropriate behavior. For each example, one page explains the situation and describes the results of the (FBA) according to the Competing Behavior Model (O'Neill et al., 1997). At the bottom of that page is a place for you to stop and think about what type of intervention you might develop in that situation or ask questions if you are leading a group discussion. On the next page (or in the "Answers" section), the actual support plan that effectively reduced the problem behavior is described, along with the types of measures used to evaluate the outcomes.

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice Functional Behavioral Assessment Mini-Web

This mini-web is designed to provide you with the resources needed to understand the usefulness of functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans in addressing student problem behavior, as well as what the law requires of school districts with regard to these topics

Facilitator's Guide: Positive Behavior Support

The Facilitator's Guide on Positive Behavioral Support provides a step-by-step process to guide teams through assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation. The goal is to assist educators, family members, and other support providers to work collaboratively to develop an understanding of circumstances affecting a student's behavior and to design interventions that lead to positive life-style changes. Written by staff of the Positive Behavioral Support Project. This project is part of the Department of Child and Family Studies of the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida, and is funded by the State of Florida

FBA: A Study Guide, State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

This study guide is intended as a brief overview of functional behavioral assessment (FBA), the development of behavioral intervention plans (BIP), and positive practices and interventions. It is by no means complete. Some additional resources are included in this kit, and there are many more commercially available products. The purpose of this guide is to provide a framework for understanding and implementing proactive programs to address the behavioral needs of children with disabilities, as well as address the legal requirements in IDEA ’97 for FBA.

Functional Behavioral Assessment: An Interactive Training Module (CD-ROM)

This new CD-ROM will help you develop an effective behavior intervention plan based on data you've collected during the functional behavioral assessment (FBA) process. Functional Behavioral Assessment delivers interactive, comprehensive training that guides you through the six-step FBA process. Liaupsin, C. J., Nelson, C. M., & Scott, T. M. (1999). Functional behavioral assessment: An interactive training module (CD-ROM). Available from Sopris West, P. O. Box 1809, Longmont, CO 80502-1809; (800) 547-6747