Working to make a difference for children
who display challenging behavior


Previous Behavior Institutes!

Sponsored by the Kentucky Council for Children with Behavior Disorders (KyCCBD) the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)

Behavior Institute 1994

“Program Development”
President: Susan Isaacs
Keynote: None

Behavior Institute 1995

“Intervention for EBD/At-Risk Students”
President: Linda Phillips
Keynote: Randy Sprick

Behavior Institute 1996

“Teaching & Reaching At-Risk/EBD Students”
President: Linda Ann Ward
Keynote: Kay Cessna

Behavior Institute 1997

“Making a Difference for Behaviorally At-Risk/EBD Students”
President: Laura Straughn
Keynote: Eleanor Guetzloe

Behavior Institute 1998

“Their Future is In Our Hands”
President: Barbara Ungvary
Keynote: Richard Ramsey

Behavior Institute 1999

“Bridge Over Troubled Water: Building Behavioral Supports for Children & Youth”
President: Bill Rigney
Keynote: Lauretta Buchanan

Behavior Institute 2000

“Be a Real Hero”
President: Donna Meers
Keynote: Dave Pelzer

Behavior Institute 2001

“Whatever it Takes”
President: Mike Waford
Keynote: Ruby Payne

Behavior Institute 2002

“Going the Distance”
President: Alan Siegel
Keynote: Cecil Mercer

Behavior Institute 2003

“Celebrating the Journey”
President: Tena Robbins
Keynote: Malcolm Smith

Behavior Institute 2004

“Making a Difference, One Student at A Time.”
President: Karen Meade-King
Keynote: Rachel Simmons

Behavior Institute 2005

“Rachel's Challenge: Start a Chain Reaction”
President: Laura Hamilton
Keynote: Darrell Scott

Behavior Institute 2006

“From Risk to Resilience”
President: Jim Whitaker
Keynote: John Seita

Behavior Institute 2007

“Practical Solutions, Positive Results”
President: Stephanie Clayton
Keynote: Randy Sprick

Behavior Institute 2008

“I'm Possible. Not Impossible.”
President: Karen Frohoff
Keynote: Keith Brown


Regional Conferences around the State
President: Jason Gibson

Behavior Institute 2010

“Teaching Through Adversity”
President: Lauren Dowell
Keynote: Ron Clark


Regional Conferences around the State
President: Carla Rasheed

Behavior Institute 2012

President: Tai Doram
Keynote: Travis Brown (Mr. MoJo)


Regional Conferences around the State
President: Traci Sharpe