Working to make a difference for children
who display challenging behavior



Developed for the Kentucky Education Technology Conference 1999 and the Kentucky Teaching and Learning Conference 2000
©Copyright 1999-2000, Donna T. Meer

WebQuest Exercise

Definition Dodge (1999) describes WebQuest ( as an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact comes from resources on the Internet. He describes two types of WebQuests: Short- and long-term. We will do a short-term WebQuest in this session.


Steven is a student in a primary (P2) classroom. It is October, and he is having difficulty in school. Steven begins each school day in trouble. For instance, he pushes peers on the way in the building, he hits other students in the gym while waiting to go to class, and he enters his classroom throwing his materials down on the desk while yelling at the teacher and his peers. Steven's aggressive behavior continues all day across all environments. His teacher, Mrs. Helpme, is very frustrated and doesn't know what to do. She talked about Steven's situation to a colleague who referred her to the Behavior Home Page.


Mrs. Helpme decided to give the Behavior Home Page a try. She wrote down several questions in which she hoped the Web site could answer. You're task is to assist Mrs. Helpme. You will navigate through the Behavior Home Page using the suggested, "Information Resources" below to answer Mrs. Helpme's questions. Please indicate the resources used to find each answer in the "Organization" section of this activity.

Mrs. Helpme's Questions

1. I wonder if a functional assessment would be helpful for Steven?
2. What are the suggested proactive approaches to working with challenging behaviors?
3. What type of intervention could I develop to change Steven's aggressive behavior?
4. I wonder if I should teach social skills? If so, what programs could I use?
5. I wonder if time-out would be effective?
6. Could Steven qualify for special education services under the emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) category? What is the process to refer a student for EBD services?
7. I wonder if there is a place to ask a question about Steven's aggressive behavior? If so, maybe someone has previously asked about students' with aggressive behavior, and I could get some advice there?

Information Resources

Behavior Home Page

The Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management

Emotional-Behavioral Disability: Technical Assistance Manual

Social Skills Resources

Time-out Procedures

Understanding Behavior: An Interactive Tutorial

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)-Functional Assessment

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

PACER: Parents helping Parents (What is a Functional Assessment?)


Please indicate how to find the answers to Mrs. Helpme's questions. (Question #1: I wonder if a functional assessment would be helpful for Steven? Example answer: I followed the link from the Behavior Home Page to the PACER Web site on Functional Assessment. The Web site said...)


Upon completion of this WebQuest, you will be familiar with various support features available on the Behavior Home Page. Thus, when presented with questions concerning children with challenging behavior, you should be able to use the Behavior Home Page as a resource.